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7 Chakras Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

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7 Chakras Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a feeling of not being grounded, of being somewhere you don’t belong, feeling restless with constant worries and frustration? Do you look at the future with anxiety and at the past with regret? These feelings arise from the need to be efficient and functional machines even at the cost of our mental and physical health! Fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion, attachment: these are the demons of our souls. We need to eradicate them to be balanced, centered and present in our bodies; receptive and aware of our nature.

This 8 day retreat is a journey through the 7 chakras to restore the balance in our systems, to learn how to deal with the negative feelings, to increase awareness of the body and release the blockages. Together, we will work on building a firm and steady resolve. Just like a sequoia needs a strong and deep ground, we will work on your foundations, making your roots steady and strong.

7 Chakras Yoga Retreat

Understanding Chakras & Their Functioning

Chakras are the energy centers within the human body. They help to regulate all the body’s processes, right from organ function to the immune system and emotion control.

If one or more of these energy centers are blocked, we may unconsciously be impeding the body’s energy flow. When we suppress feelings like anger or sorrow for example, these chakras get blocked and in the long run, start to affect the body. Whenever we fall sick or experience low emotional levels, it is because a chakra is imbalance or is being blocked. On the other hand, if we endeavor to work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, we promote an easy flow of energy throughout our chakras. This retreat will help you in restoring the balance and energy flow throughout the body.

7 Chakras Yoga Retreat

About the Retreat

This 8 days chakra retreat has been specially designed to give you the space and time to discover yourself and your nature in a unique dimension. It helps you to become aware and effectively use the tools to heal yourself.

On this inner journey of self discovery, we help you access your healing powers, giving you techniques that you can take back and integrate into your daily life. Each day, we focus on one chakra, working on how to unblock and then strengthen it. We work on enhancing the energy flow through the chakra system and learn about the benefits of each chakra and its role in our life. A part of this retreat is centered around Satsang, group discussions and journaling. This helps to reinforce the topic that you will be studying that day, allowing you to better work on each point individually and with the help of a group. Being a chakra retreat, all the activities are also centered around the chakra system. As such; the asana sessions, breathing techniques, mantras, Satsang and meditations will follow a specific daily program according to the specific chakra of that day.

7 Chakras Yoga Retreat


While there are many kinds of Yoga retreats, the Chakra retreat is primarily different in its focus. The subject of the retreat, as the name suggests, is the Chakras of the body. We learn about the obstacles blocking each chakra and the best way to deal with these issues effectively. Keeping this in mind, all the activities that we do will be focused on the chakras. Even the excursion that we undertake will be connected to the topic of the day! You get to experience a full-immersion Chakra Healing Program while discovering Yoga, Rishikesh and most importantly yourself.

This retreat will recharge and boost you and your energy levels. Unlike other retreats, it gives you multiple tools that you can effectively use from home and even continue to develop each practice on your own. It enables you to become more peaceful and less stressed, helping you see things in a new perspective and replacing your old patterns with more productive ones. It is perfect in helping you understand your needs and feelings and in teaching you to take the time to nurture yourself.


This retreat is designed to be beneficial to everyone. Neither do you need to have a background in Yoga to participate nor is there any restriction on age. You don’t need flexibility or strength to do this retreat. This retreat is ideal for anyone looking to recharge their battery, take a break from the stress of daily life and learn more about yourself. The only requirement is a keen interest in learning and a determination to work on your body and mind.

Total Course Fees: USD 499

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Date Schedule 7 Chakras Yoga Retreat 2021.

  • 06 January to 12 January 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 February to 12 February 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 March to 12 March 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 April to 12 April 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 May to 12 May 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 June to 12 June 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 July to 12 July 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 August to 12 August 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 September to 12 September 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 October to 12 October 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 November to 12 November 2021 :: USD 300 Open
  • 06 December to 12 December 2021 :: USD 300 Open
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