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15 Stretches You Should Do Every Day


With the change n lifestyle and our eating habits on the thing that must remain constant is our habit of stretching and exercising. It may be that you cannot cope up with a hardcore gym session or exercise each day but some sort of stretching and workout has to be a part of your routine. According to Yoga school in Rishikesh, one must have at least some sort of minimal exercise and stretching included in their everyday life. Stretching requires no such big time and can be done in just a few minutes. Thus today we shall discuss 15 such easy and simple stretching which one can practice any day.

1. Neck stretch-Hold your neck either on the right or left side with your opposite hand and pull towards the hand while you feel it is stretching. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds and release it. Then do the same thing on the other side and while you are doing this be in a relaxed position. This stretch will release all your stress.


2. Chest Stretch- Hold your fingers behind you and interlock them near your buttock at the back. Then push them together at the back and your chest towards the front. Hold this pose for – seconds and slowly release it.


3. Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch- Stand up or sit in a very relaxed position on the chair or sit on a mat and then bring your arm to the opposite position in front of your chest and grab it with the opposite arm. In this position pull your arm to your chest and hold this pose for 30 seconds. Repeat this one in both your hands.


4. Triceps Static Stretch- Take both your arms behind you and fold one of them. Hold the folded arm with the opposite hand and pull it until the stretch is felt. Hold this again for 30 seconds and repeat this process in the other arm as well.

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5. Biceps Stretch-Sit on the floor with the knees joint together and bent and the feet flat on the floor. The fingers are to be pointed away from the body and the palms straight flat on the floor. At this point slowly take your butt towards your feet and stretch the biceps and hold it for about 30 seconds. You will feel the stretch at the shoulders, chest, and biceps.


6. Wrist stretch- Extend your one arm straight towards your front and hold the fingers of this arm with one hand. Then pull the fingers keeping the same straight and tight and you will feel the stretch. Do the same process with the next arm and repeat this process 2 times golding the stretch for about 30 seconds.


7. SideStretch- Stand on your feet with feet kept on a “V” shaped position. Next, take one arm on top of your head and bend towards the opposite side keeping your back straight and tight. Do the same with the other hand and hold the position for 30

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8. Abdominal Static stretch- Lie on your stomach keeping your hands in front of your chest rising slowly. The palms must be flat on the ground and feet to only the head to the stomach will be up.


9. Reclined Spinal Twist- Lie down straight on your back and then bring one leg to the opposite side holding it with the hand of that side. The other hand on the other side kept straight with the neck facing the opposite of the leg. The leg brought to the opposite side must be at the waist length.


10. Knees to chest- Lie down on your buttock and bring the knees to your chest holding them with both hands. The knees must be joined together and the feet tip-toed. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.


11. Hip flexor Static Strech- Stand with your feet joint together then from here bring one leg in the front knees bend and the other stretched backward in a tight position. The hands must be on your waist and face up straight.


12. Figure 4 Stretch- Lie down o your buttock and bring the knees up to your chest. From here fold one knee just like your sit keeping support to the other. Hold the other leg with your hands and hold the pose for 30 seconds.


13. Standing QuadStretch- Stand straight and fold one leg just up to the knee and hold this leg with your hands. The ack must be straight and repeat this 10 times on each leg.


14. Hamstring stretch- Sit on your buttock and keep one leg folded one opened straight. Try to hold the leg in front of you with both your hands keeping the other in a folded position.


15. Calf Strech- Sit on the ground and extend one of your feet in front of you pulling that toe with your that hand and holding until this shoes the stretch in your calf.

Thus these were the 15 basic stretched that one can do every day instead of a hardcore workout or before a workout. All these stretches will help one stay fit, healthy, and flexible. They also boost immunity and reduce any sort of joint pain.


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