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7 Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain


With age, a person’s body faces the consequences too. Various diseases, as well as pains, develop, which later eventually become chronic and a person loses the ability to do daily chores or even the simplest of things. 

On the other hand, people who have a regular hold on Yoga tend to live a life without issues like these. Most compare Yoga to meditation, it is partly correct, but Yoga also helps soothe various body aches.

According to research, almost 60 to 70% of the people experience back pain at least once in a lifetime. People suffering from lower back pain can make sure to note down the essential postures that will surely give them relief.


  • Downward facing dog


The downward-facing dog is a pose that makes sure to strengthen your hamstring and give enough relief to your lower spine. This one is a classic Yoga pose that people have been doing for ages. 

If you are new to Yoga then also it is not going to be a problem. One needs to stand on their hands and knees, the hands to some extent in front of your shoulders. The knees have to be away from the floor, which would have your back raised upwards. Holding this position for a few moments is undoubtedly going to relieve your pain in the long run.


  • Child’s pose


Child’s pose is a simple pose for the elderly that makes the back longer and also is a great stress reliever. The pose is going to look like the person is resting.

One has to sit back on the butt muscles that must not touch the heels of your legs, keeping the arms stretched out in front.

You can repeat this posture as many times you like and hold it up to a few moments and then release it. At the end of a long and tiring day, the child’s pose will help you de-stress instantly.


  • Pigeon pose


The pigeon pose is another relaxing and stretching posture for the hips. If you are a beginner at Yoga, then this pose can be a little challenging. 

One has to start by the downward-facing dog position keeping the feet together, after turning the left knee by bringing it forward to keep it perpendicular to the right one, lowering both the legs to the ground. 

Once you are accustomed to this, pose then pulling the back foot inward, towards the back can also help strengthen your hamstring. After holding this position for a few moments, repeat the same with the other leg.


  • Triangle pose


The best pose to strengthen your torso muscle along with the back and legs. The muscles can be stretched to a great extend by practising this pose regularly. 

One has to start by standing on the feet together, then lunging back the left foot again for a few feet and pointing it to up to 45 degrees angle. Your chest then needs to be turned towards to side, keeping your right arm towards the ground and the left open towards the ceiling. 

The same needs to be repeated with the other side and hold for a few moments. For a beginner, it will not be possible to touch the right arm to the ground, but with time it will surely do. 


  • The cow and cat pose


This pose is useful for various problems in the body and is also very simple to do.

The first step will be standing on all fours just like animals do and slowly pressing the spine upwards forming an arch in the back. 

After holding this posture moving into the cow, the position is the next step by scooping the spine inwards and lifting your head. Repeating this for a couple of times is going to give effective results.


  • Productive rest pose


The productive rest pose is probably the most natural as one can undoubtedly understand by hearing the name. The person practicing the pose is sure to get their spine to lengthen along with resting the lower back.

Not just the spine but the legs benefit as well with the productive rest pose as there is more space in the sacrum.

One has to start by lying on the back with the legs and arms relaxed. Then by bending the knees against each other and placing the feet as wide as your Yoga mat is on the floor hold the posture. One can rest their hands wherever it feels comfortable.


  • Puppy pose


The Puppy Pose is the best pose to effectively gain results in stretching the muscles of the upper back and shoulders.

One needs to start with the table-top position aligning the hips to the knees. The hands kept forward with the chest slowly towards the floor. Stretched arms have to be ahead throughout along with the forehead touching the floor.


Maintaining a few of these Yoga poses for a better back and strengthed muscles are a must that one needs to follow. Even though not all poses are going to help you entirely but will surely help maintain a healthy and also flexible body.

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