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Beat the Stress! Try Yoga!


Stress is a word that needs no definition today. This is a word that is used more in association with human beings. Sadly, the tall multinational buildings and big names bring in fat packages, but with that, the new thing is called stress.

An increasing number of people choose to address this virus by dancing their way out on Fridays and Wednesdays little realizing that this will only go on to add to the harm and not do good. So how do we release this stress?

Well, there are many ways but let’s now and here have a look at the best way out. And the best way out is to exercise. So, before you could head to the gym outside your house, we have a suggestion for you.

Exercises are of many types. You could head to that gym, you could wake up every morning to put on those jogging shoes and run or you could get a yoga mat and start small, and asana a day.

Thanks to the increasing awareness of yoga, today, there is no dearth of places where you can learn this form of art. And speaking of asanas, the slow way in which you discipline your body with stretches and challenging poses can go a long way in filling you with energy and helping you stay positive through the day.

All this being said, let’s now have a deeper look at stress and its impact and its impact on different parts of life and then we see how we can use this thing called yoga to get rid of each of them:


What is Stress?

Let’s use an example to understand this. You’ve worked hard all day, not take a break and then there is still so much you need to sort out that you don’t want to think of anything else.

Well, you are stressed. So basically, stress is nothing but your psychological response to something that has upset you and spoilt your personal balance.

Now, this can have an effect on various parts of your body, and this includes some of your essential internal organs like the heart, intestines, muscles and you name it. Hard to imagine something so intangible can have such profound impacts, right?

And not to forget, it affects your mind and habits. So if you find yourself forgetting, struggling to make decisions, smoking or indulging in something like this, chances are you are stressed and it’s time to do some yoga.

So, now that you know how serious it can get, let’s go straight to the heart of it. How does yoga reduce stress? Yes, yoga is not a popular point in most articles on stress busters, but it can be a very effective stress buster.

For one, it makes you stable, strengthens your mind and in short, helps you deal with stress better. In the long run, it can get you to eliminate stress. If you are familiar with the term Patanjali, you would know that there are eight steps in yoga.

These steps include aspects of your behavior, physique, mind and spirit. But let’s not go into the technical terms. Instead, we are going to keep it short and sweet. If you are ready, we begin with the first:


1. Control or Restraint –

What a fidgety world we live in, don’t you agree. Yoga teaches you how to tone down and you will soon discover that your hyperactivity was what could have been causing you stress. So, the first thing you learn is self-restraint.


2. Self-training –

Mere training to be restraint won’t suffice. You need to train your other senses too. And this is another thing that yoga teaches you. Purity of body and purity of mind is what you learn.


3. Asanas –

Here is everyone’s favorite. The fun part about yoga is that it challenges you to the extent you thought you couldn’t go. No, there is no dearth of how much you could expect here. And before you know it, you will be stretching yourself into a complete bow.


4. Pranayama –

Pranayama, as you would know it, goes for a breathing technique. So, here you take a break from the short breaths and give time to focus on your breathing, and then you see how far-reaching the effects can be, on your body and your mind too.


5. Withdrawal –

– Oh, the amount of time we spend focusing on our senses. So, take a few sessions and you will soon find yourself benefitting as you begin to withdraw from your senses.


6. Concentration –

And finally, don’t we all need this today? So, if you have been having problems with sending error-free emails these days, come and learn yoga. It sure could do you a world of good with all the sessions that force you to learn to concentrate.


7. Meditation –

Here’s adding to that bit of concentration. If you have been worrying about unwanted things in the past few days, then these are the sessions you are going to need. Now, this needs no further explanation here, does it?


8. Deeper Concentration –

Okay, this really is the last. You can’t stress the need for more concentration in this fast world of today. So, yoga also helps you attain deeper concentration. So, a little improvement in concentration is not enough, a yogi will understand and give you more. After all, the yogi way of life is all about concentration.

So, there you are. Here are your eight benefits. So, in short, yoga benefits the logical as well as the emotional aspect of your brain. In the end, it helps you relax. Start with the easy, move to the challenge and you’ll get there.


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