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Health Benefits of Mandukasana (Frog Pose)


What is the Mandukasana also known as the Frog Pose?

The Mandukasana is a form of the traditional Hatha yoga form that is practiced in a seated format. This yoga pose or asana is called the Frog Pose because when performed the individual looks like a Frog sitting up. This asana is usually performed along with a series of seated modern poses and mainly focused on the back area of the body.

The Mandukasana has a tremendous amount of benefits that include various stretches that focus on the thigh, thorax, ankle, throat area, the inguinal region of the body, etc. The Mandukasana can be experienced at the Yoga school in Rishikesh. Furthermore, this asana can be performed as follows:

  • The first step is to sit in the Vajrasana and make a fist with both hands and putting the thumb inside.
  • After this, you need to place your fists next to your belly button and on your belly.
  • The next step is to bend forward while looking forward.
  • After this breathe in and out while holding your breath.
  • Then repeat this pose for some time.


Mandukasana or the Frog Pose – Health Benefits

This article is focused on the various health usages and the benefits of the Mandukasana or the Frog Pose. The Mandukasana is an intermediary level yoga technique and has the following health benefits

1. Helps to improve the Digestive System of the Body:

The digestive system of the body is related to the digestion of food into energy and waste material. If the digestive system is not working then the food will not be converted into glucose properly and the body and its organs will not get the required energy. Thus having a healthy and working digestive system is of prime importance.

The Madukasana of the Frog Pose puts pressure on the belly and the stomach area. As a result of this, it helps to stretch and exercise the stomach muscles. This in turn increases the digestive power of the system and improves the health of the same.


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2. Works towards prevention of Diabetes:

Diabetes is a very common disease that occurs due to problems in the functioning of the Pancreas. The pancreas secretes regular insulin that maintains the blood sugar level and regulates diabetes. Contracting diabetes can be deadly as it often leads to other problems like heart failure or blindness.

The Madukasana helps to improve the secretion of insulin in the pancreas. Various researches have shown that with the regular and daily performing of the madukasana one can not only prevent diabetes but also reduce its intensity. Thus this asana is of prime importance for diabetic patients.


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3. Works on the mental health issues like stress and anxiety problems:

Mental Health and its associated problems have been very common recently. A lot of people experience these problems that are related to work pressure, family problems, and simply existing. This leads to stress and anxiety issues which are faced by many young adults.

People who face these problems can take the help of the Madukasana to combat these issues. The Frog pose is a form of asana that requires tremendous stretching and energy release. It also works on making the breathing of the individual performing the pose uniform.

These in turn help to work on negative thoughts that are the root cause of stress and anxiety. Energy release helps to release stress and make the body relaxed. Similarly known the art of uniform breathing helps the individual to combat anxiety attacks and other associated problems.


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4. Helps to reduce belly fat and increase flexibility:

One of the major benefits of the Madukasana is its stretching capabilities. This yoga pose is all about stretching and challenging the limit of the body. The madukasana puts pressure on the stomach and belly area and thus helps to reduce belly fat.

Furthermore, this asana also requires a tremendous amount of bending of the legs and also the arm. As a result, the asana secretes extra energy in the body. This helps to reduce extra body and belly fat and makes the body highly flexible.

A variety of researches have shown that the Madukasana or the Frog pose is one of the leading asanas to lose body weight at a fast pace and ensure a good physique. Thus this asana has tremendous health benefits as far as the reducing of unnecessary belly fat and increasing body flexibility is concerned.


5. Increases the function of the Circulatory System:

The Circulatory System is related to the blood flow of the body. The circulatory system is impacted by various body functions like proper energy flow and oxygen transfer. If an individual does not have a smooth circulatory system it may lead to improper transfer of food and energy to the organs thus leading to various problems.

Since the Madukasana or the Frog Pose is an asana that is focused on flexibility of the body it impacts the whole body system. Practicing this asana puts tremendous pressure on the circulation of the body thus ensuring there is no blockage in the channel of circulation.


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