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Irregular Menstrual Cycles and Yoga!

Women always have a lot of things to worry about and one of the last things we would want to add to the list is problems with our menstrual cycle. But alas, how many of us complain and how many of us start to panic if we are so much as a couple of days late! The good news is, you don’t have to worry! There is an easy solution to prevent this! Have you heard of yoga? So, before you close the tab, let us assure you that we are not going to drag you through hours on the mat with breathing and meditation. All we are going to teach you are five asanas that are fun and that can be done at home or in your garden at any time and anywhere for a better you and more importantly, for that much-awaited goodbye to all your menstrual problems and fears. So, if you are ready, here we start! We begin with the first asanas, have a look!

1. Dhanurasana –

This way, you shape your body to make it look like a bow, as the very name suggests. A form of hatha yoga, Dhanurasana is effective, not just for a regular menstrual cycle but for your entire reproductive system. So, here is how we do it. Lie on your stomach. Take a deep breath and lift your legs from behind. Reach for your ankles and stay this way for 20 seconds. You are supporting your body with your stomach. Repeat this a couple of times. Dhanurasana is also a good way to achieve a flat stomach, straight back and slim legs, all of which go on to make you healthier, happier and fit.

2. Ustrasana –

This is one of the best poses for a normal menstrual cycle and the good news is that it helps reduce menstrual pains too. So, all of you who dread the monthly menstrual cramps, quit the pills because there is something better that we are about to teach you. Kneel down. Keep your shoulders in line with your knees. Now, bend backward and try to hold your heels. Throw your hips out. Let your head slowly fall back. Stay this way for 25 seconds. Take a break, repeat. Do this a couple more times. Have fun. Do you know the best thing about ustrasana? You get a strong back, strong shoulders, a great posture and a flexible body. So, dance away!

3. Bhujangasana

Here is a yoga pose that aids in your reproduction, digestion, circulation and respiration too. Apart from this, bhujangasana strengthen your buttocks, open your lungs, serves as a therapy for asthma and finally, relieves stress! So, here we go: Lay on your stomach again, this time with your palms to the ground in line with your shoulders, and your legs together. Inhale and lift your head high, stretch, as high as you can, hold, take a break, repeat and do this a couple more times!

4. Malasana

Now, squat on the ground. Let your feet be in proportion to your hips. Spread your knees and tuck your elbows in them. Now, stretch as much as you can. Hold, and repeat. This pose won’t just get rid of your menstrual issues but also increase your metabolism. And isn’t that so important in this world of nine to five desk jobs today? Do you want to know more? Well, malasana is also said to aid in digestion. Those suffering from back pain will find this yoga pose especially helpful. You get to stretch various parts of your body here like your thighs, hips, groin and so this is an asana that can go a long way in reliving external pains and aches too.

5. Butterfly

And finally, we come to the last one, the butterfly pose. Here is another pose that can play a role in stretching your thighs, groin and other parts of the body. Sit cross-legged. Let the soles of your feet touch each other, like a foot namaste. Hold your feet and flap your legs for 20 seconds. Stop. Repeat! Now, this is the asana for your menstrual system, reproductive system, kidneys, bladder and circulatory system. Added to this, you become more stress-free and if you are pregnant, you can be assured of a smooth delivery too. Those suffering from menopause can greatly be helped by this yoga asana too.

Final Words!

So, there you are! Five simple asanas are all it takes and you can finally say goodbye to all your menstrual issues. These are asanas that you can do at all ages. However, you can seek the advice of a yogi or a physician to be on the safer side. So, here’s wishing that you have a healthier life and a pleasant and more regular menstrual cycle from now. Above, all, love staying fit!

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