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Uddiyana Bandha Step By Step Instruction


The practice of Yoga has been around with us for a long time now. Practicing and exercising Yoga daily helped keep the body healthy and mind-free since ancient times. The impact of Yoga and various asanas is critical on our body and mind and allows us to have a better and firmer posture. As for a reason, it helps to calm and control our thoughts to become more focused and determined in our lives.

There are innumerable benefits of practicing Yoga in our daily lives. The services include both physical and psychic abilities that can help us become the best version of ourselves. The need to adapt to these exercises is essential if we talk about the current-day person’s daily life habits. Our lives are engulfed by stress, and our body only receives junk, which we call food. As a result, neither our body nor our mind can perform optimally.


Why do we need to practice asanas?

Yoga has a particular way of dealing with life problems, and as a result, there are specific asanas and postures which are meant to work on dedicated body parts. This makes the process very easy if you are someone who is just starting their journey with Yoga. 


If you already know what affects your lifestyle, you can start working on that issue and look for solutions. In particular, our generation is seen to face quite a lot of problems related to the functioning of the stomach and heart. Minor yet prevalent stomach issues, heart diseases, and high blood pressure are some of the recurring issues in today’s world. 


This is because of the bad eating habits and poor digestion most people have to suffer from. However, if you choose Yoga’s path, you can minimize these issues to the bare minimum, given that you practice some important asanas daily.


These are the steps that need to be followed to perform Uddiyana Bandha

Although Uddiyana Bandha has several health benefits and improves gut health considerably, it must be performed mainly to ensure it is useful. 

Here are the guidelines which you would have to follow:


  1. Always carry out this asana with an empty stomach.
  2. It is advised to perform this asana before beginning or practicing any other form of Yoga.
  3. This asana could be performed either in a standing position or in a sat-down form. However, it is advised to start by performing this exercise by standing, and after gaining some experience, you can choose to sit down while doing it.

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Step 1

Take a stance by letting some gap in between your feet. Then bend your knees and rest your arms on your knees. Your torso should be forward rounded in this phase.

After having learned the bandha for some time, make your torso upright and straighten up. Your hands must be on your hips. This exercise must be done with your torso upright.


Step 2

Please take a deep breath through your nose and exhale it out as fast as you can. The main focus here should be upon the force you exert to get rid of the air inside your lungs. After that, relax your abdominal muscles.


Step 3

The next step in this asana is to practice the art of ‘mock inhalation.’ To achieve this, you have to take deep breaths to expand your lungs and ribs. However, you do not inhale any air while increasing your upper body. You strain your lower body, i.e., the stomach region, and create a void so that you feel an expansion in the lungs and ribs.


Step 4

After entering the bandha, you have to hold your breath for 15-20 seconds and then slowly release the air through your nose while relaxing your abdominal part. 

These steps constitute a single set of Uddiyana Bandha, and it could be conducted up to 10 rounds depending on your capacity. 

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What is Uddiyana Bandha, and why is it essential?

The Uddiyana Bandha is known as the magical asana in the world of Yoga. If this exercise is executed correctly and regularly, even an older person can have a young man’s physical abilities. As such, this practice is prevalent in the community. 


Uddiyana Bandha translates to ‘upward lock’ in English, and this is a method of tying a bond in your upper body to help with all stomach-related problems. The execution of Uddiyana Bandha is not that simple since it has some pre-determiners and rules that need to be followed while performing it. However, once you gain some experience, you can perform this exercise effortlessly.


Uddiyana Bandha has a significant impact on your body if performed regularly as it can effective reduce most problems related to gut and issues such as indigestion and constipation. It has the potential of resolving most of the issues that are related to the stomach and digestion in general. As a result, your gut health will improve by a lot and your power of digesting.


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