Ultimate Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Going to Rishikesh, India

Discover the Ultimate Travel Guide: Things To Know Before Going To Rishikesh, India. Plan your trip to one of India’s most beautiful city for yoga and meditation.

Ultimate Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Going to Rishikesh, India

Things To Know Before Going To Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh is an amazing place to travel and contribute towards the great experience that lives with you forever. But there are many things to be prepared for, especially when planning on going for a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. Spiritual seekers flock to this beautiful town on the shores of the Ganges, but it is not free from challenges. In this Ultimate Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Going to Rishikesh, India, we will brief you on the must-knows before your voyage.

It is important to note that an operational ATM might not be easily found in Rishikesh. When mixed with tourists visiting the area in droves, running out of money is not unusual due to the limited ATMs. Always have enough cash and smaller denominations to avoid cash crunches where you need to give a borrower change.

For Westerners, it is hard to adapt to Indian cuisine, and tummy troubles for them are not something uncommon. Taking probiotics at least two weeks before your trip will help maintain a solid digestive system. This proactive measure can go a long way toward improving your experience.

Always check with your doctor before you travel to India so that your doctor can recommend the appropriate vaccinations. To stay healthy, aspects such as typhoid, dengue, or hepatitis are worth guarding against.

Choose a visa lasting longer than 30 days when you apply. Incredibly, there isn’t a real cost distinction between a one-month visa and a one-year visa. A more extended visa is flexible enough to familiarize you with India before or after the training.

Comfort is essential, but you should remember to dress correctly for the occasion while undergoing yoga teacher training. As Rishikesh is surrounded by spiritual sanctuaries, make sure to pack comfortable yoga attire and clothing that covers your legs and shoulders for visits to temples or other religious sites.

Avoid tap water. To avoid water-borne diseases, always take filtered or bottled water.

While Indian street food is delicious, it may prove rather fiery for those unaccustomed to spice. Sticking to reputable restaurants and cafes amidst the much more foreign palate would go a long way in avoiding stomach upsets.

There are different socket types in use in India compared with many other countries. Have an appropriate electrical adapter to charge your devices for electricity consumption.