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With the New Year came a new form of hope that is the vaccine. With this new hope, every individual wants to get vaccinated as soon as possible. With the terrible tough year that 2020 was almost everyone today needs an escape and what would be a serene escape that Rishikesh. The peace that one finds there can be found nowhere and thus from all around the world comes so many to find peace and the meaning of one's life.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, IndiaOne Destination, Many Paths, One Journey

With each passing day, people are getting more and more engaged towards a better peaceful life. Amidst all the chaos all that everyone wants is a little time for oneself so that it leads them t grow. Thus comes yoga in the scene which is one short formula for such a life that gives one such peace and balances one's life. Today yoga teacher trainers are spread worldwide wide and a maximum of them are trained from Rishikesh. A report states that there are about 449 registered yoga schools in the country of India. The best schools or maximum of them are obviously in Rishikesh which also changes one's life who pursues this from here.

yoga school in rishikesh

About Rishikesh Yogkulam - Best Yoga School in Rishikesh India

To say the yoga capital of this world it is one of the best Yoga schools which is situated at the heart of the city. Here practices or forms of yoga are found in one of the purest forms. The history, origin, and every aspect of yoga are covered.  People from different parts like the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand come here and enroll themselves in their famous Yoga Teacher Training Course.  This YTTC course is a little different from any other course and the main reason is its beautiful blend of all the aspects covering yoga.

The center here provides courses for beginners as well as for people who want to pursue this as a profession. The center I accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA and has different variety of courses which we shall discuss.  The only aim of this institute is to provide refined yoga teachers and trainers. Thus they have different forms of it in form of yoga anatomy, alignment, and adjustment yoga philosophy meditation, pranayam, etc. Also if you are someone who does not want to be a part of yoga for a lifetime but takes it as an escape this place is perfect. The reason is they provide 5,7, 10 days programs which one can avail. The best part about it is that this school creates an atmosphere where you will feel family having the best environment, food, bonds, and warmth.

Yoga School In Rishikesh - Yogkulam

Learn from the Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

If you want to do the best yoga training and seeing this as your passion as well as a profession then there is no better place than this. Rishikesh’s Yoga Teacher Training has all that you need to know as a teacher as well as a student. They are best known for the knowledge that they spread. There are so many reasons why it is the best Yoga School in Rishikesh. There are some other factors as well which are very important apart from just the advance and this is the only place that covers those as well They are established on grounds of trust and credibility and inspires people to get the best out of them. The gurus present here are experts and almost believe in yoga as their food, prayer, oxygen, and reason to live to give their best.

Why Yoga Teacher Training Programs And Retreats?

Get a lifetime opportunity and take a bag full of memories for life to cherish. With high-quality food, living accompanied with great facilities find a balance in hectic work-life and new meaning to life.

Yoga School in Rishikesh because has so many exciting activities lined up for their clines. From getting new friends to amazing treks, nature walks, excursions, etc get close to nature.

Apart from yoga enjoy some extra facilities and features like Ayurveda, spa, etc. This comes with a detailed knowledge as to how they help in real life rather than just the implementation.

Learn the course and be an expert with all the knowledge that one should have. Be an inspiration for others and enjoy your life with some amazing experiences.

These are thus few facts that give you some more reason to chose this institution.

Why Choose Rishikesh Yogkulam For Your Training?

Best results

International clients


A lifetime experience that is way more than just yoga

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

There are four types of courses as per your level. All these courses are hourly and change as per the person and his expertise in the subject. Thus the four different types of curses are as follows:-

100 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

100 Hour YTTC Beginner

This 100-hour course is specially designed for a beginner who is very new here. This is just the basics and one can say a breakdown of the 200-hour YTTC. This has one of the simple and the basics of yoga. Here one gets the knowledge and the very essence of the subject. The course is a two-week course and involves all that one should know as he or she enters the world of yoga.

This course will cure the body and will push it under the process of becoming a more flexible and shapen machine as days pass and one enters into the further courses.

Class strength



Beginners theory on yoga

Why is mediation important in yoga

Control Breathing

200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

200 Hour YTTC Beginner Intermediate

This is a course which one can say that both the beginners as well as an intermediate person can take. This is a one-month course where one will surely get clarity about what this subject means to one. One can emerge as a passionate teacher and otherwise is also the option.

Finally, after this, you can claim yourself as a teacher because this course will give you the capability to teach. After this, you will be able to align and adjust with the subject having the ability to spread the knowledge.

Class strength

Hatha & Ashtanga

Alignment with the asanas

Knowing mediation’s deeply

The more theoretical approach of the subject

Techniques to clean the body soul and mind

300 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

300 Hour YTTC Intermediate Advance

The month-long course is dedicated to the people who wish to be an expert in this field and planning to take this as a  career. This course is for people who are in the intermediate and advanced level and either wish to b a teacher or wishes to sharpen their skills.

A combination of yoga and Ayurveda takes you to the last stage of self-indigence. After this or from this stage only one can surely think of establishing is own school, institute and start spreading the knowledge among people.

Class strength



Asana lab

Continuation fo the deeper mediation

Combination of Ayurveda and yoga

Focus on breathing

500 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

500 Hour YTTC Beginner Intermediate Advanced

A stage that is dedicated to people passionate about this field and wants to revise all that was there. This particular stage is the combination of all the above three stages. Here any Yogi or yogini veteran can come and avail this one to learn all that has been taught previously. This course is the combination of the 200 and 300 hours and makes the skills brush up again.

This course will help you find a different you brushing all that you already have. Also, this is a combination of the previous courses which helps to foster any change that may have taken place after you have passed or cleared. You can learn some new techniques as well.

Class strength



Asana lab

Continuation fo the deeper mediation

Combination of Ayurveda and yoga

Focus on breathing

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training India

There are online classes that are also there. There is no stop to spreading knowledge as thus like the entire world the yoga world has also chosen and taken part in online tutoring. From hatha yoga to the process of relaxation, breathing both active and passive, meditation, and other asanas everything is been taught. All the problems have been kept in mind and the classes are being conducted.

All these classes are taken by none other than experienced teachers who have the experience of teaching both offline as well as online. Yes, these teachers are capable to teach online also as they are internationally renowned personalities in this field. All the faculties have their sort of achievement and are renowned professionals having deep knowledge in yoga.

Classical Hatha Yoga

Build firm foundation in hatha yoga rooted in the Sivananda Yoga tradition, while learning the importance of deep relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation for your physical and mental well-being.

Experienced Teachers

Classes are taken by teachers with years of experience in teaching yoga to people from across the globe, both online and offline. Our approach is gentle, traditional and holistic.

Interactive Classes

Keeping the class size small, gives us the flexibility to offer you individualised attention during each class and each step of the way. Any questions you may have will be answered personally during the sessions.

All the classes that are taking place are almost similar to the offline classes only with full-on excitement and interaction. The bonds are still strong and as it was earlier only the distance has increased. People are still enjoying each class and the variety that each course provides to enrich the body, soul, and mind.

This is the only institute that provides something for everyone whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advance, or seeking a change in life. All the courses here are designed in such a way that it has innovation as well as experience. Here everyone will get something or the other and everyone will take away a lot more than what they have given.

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200 Hour Online Hatha And Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

1st To 28th Of Every Month

$499 USD


Yoga retreats

A Yoga retreat is an opportunity to shape your thoughts & being by aligning your mind, body and soul. A time apart from the hustle of humanity, with only nature to keep you company. It’s time to detach, to turn within and listen to your inner self.

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We understand the importance of a conducive environment for a healthy mind, body and soul. Accommodation is available on private as well as shared basis to ensure that everyone feels absolutely comfortable, warm and as homely as possible.

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Maestros in their respective fields of Yoga, all our teachers are extensively trained and have a lifetime of experience to share with you. They go above and beyond to train each student on a professional and personal level.

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Prepared in-house at our school itself, every morning starts with a refreshing cup of herbal tea followed by three delicious and nutritious meals during the day.

Best Yoga Teachers Rishikesh India

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Dhirendra Bisht

Ashtanga Vinayasa, Teaching Methodology

Born in the lap of the Holy Ganga, at the feet of the Bhootnath Shiva Temple, amidst the forests of the Himalayas, Dhirendra reveals himself as a nature lover and spiritual seeker. Having started his schooling at the tender age of 5, from one of the oldest, most iconic and traditional schools of Rishikesh, Dhirendra believes he was drawn to Yoga by a mystical force as he practiced asanas during the physical education lessons in school. He began to live the yogic way of life from that early age and embraced spirituality as his routines began with worshipping Lord Shiva and the Holy Ganga and continued with practising asanas, eating satvik food and attending music lessons. It was under the able guidance of his Guru Narender Gusain that he was able to leave all his vices and practice Yoga religiously. His dedication was such that there were times that he would practice till his body was sore, and it was around this time that he realized that the external appreciation and praise were pointless and the true meaning of Yoga was the alignment of the body, mind and soul, being able to appreciate himself from within. The next part of his training came under Guru Nalin Sharma, under whom he learned Yogic Philosophy and spiritual growth and finally under Guru Roshan Singh, Dhirendra underwent lessons on personal growth. When his three Gurus thought he was ready, Dhirendra started the Yoga school with one goal - helping other seekers on their yogic journey to explore their full potential.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Amit Payal

Hatha yoga, Alignment & adjustment

Amit Payal, the founder of Rishikesh Yogkulam, is an E-RYT 500-Hour Yoga instructor with a Master's degree in Yoga Science. He is a well-known, appreciated and celebrated Yoga master in Rishikesh, India. With several specialisations like Alignment, Adjustment, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga philosophy, Anatomy and Pranayama, Amit ensures that his pupils , whether teachers or students, push their limits, test their boundaries and achieve their goals. As warm as he is passionate about Yoga, he makes sure each and every person that comes through his school leaves there, confident about their capabilities and with a feeling of oneness and family. He has been conducting teacher training courses regularly for more than five years and has taught more than 100 YTTC's to seekers from across the globe. His experience, skill and warmth help all his students journey into their minds and bodies as he adeptly schools them in breath control and movement - the pillars of a Yoga practice. Amit believes it vital that his teachings convey the profound, authentic and ancient knowledge of Yoga and it's millennia-old traditions

Anant Jethuri

Yoga anatomy and physiology, Mantra chanting

Having pursued a masters in Biology followed by a 500 hour YTTC, Anant ji has always had a keen interest in understanding the spiritual and technical aspect of Yoga. His vision is to make a difference in people’s lives, by pushing them to strive towards inner serenity & harmony by way of Yoga. He is able to seamlessly integrate Yoga science with modern sciences, giving his students a new, unique approach.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Sonu Ji

Hatha yoga

A traditional Hatha Yoga teacher, Sonuji started practising Yoga at the age of 10. Expounding the clear vision of Yoga and its practices, he helps his students strengthen their foundation enabling them to commence their journey towards their inner self.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Mohit Ji

Yoga Philosophy

Elucidating the profound teachings from revered Yoga scriptures like the Patanjali Yoga Sutras Bhagavad Gita and Vedc texts, Mohit ji endeavours to help seekers achieve clear vision and realize their true selves. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Mohit ji is one of the most revered teachers in Rishikesh. He teaches Yoga Philosophy at our school and continues to inspire many.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Mahendra Ji

Pranayama, Ayurveda

Mahendraji, born in Etah (U.P.), heard his calling for Yoga during his college days. Having since pursued his Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science from Deva Sanskrit University, followed by a Masters in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University and finally a specialization course in Ayurveda, he is as committed to teaching Pranayama and Ayurveda as he is to studying Yoga.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogini Prem Varsha Ji

Kundalini Teacher

With a Masters in the Art of Yoga and an amazing 11 years of experience, Prem Varsha ji’s commitment and passion for Yoga is unparalleled. While she teaches Kundalini, Meditation and Pranayama at our school, she has also completed a post graduate diploma course in guidance and counselling. Her charismatic personality, calm demeanor and deep knowledge make it very easy for students to connect with her on a professional as well as personal level. Prem Varsha ji was blessed to be born in a spiritual family and discovered Yoga and Meditation at the tender age of 10. Realizing its true power, she dedicated her life to inspire others to follow the same path.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Yashpal kaintura

Yoga Philosophy

Known for his calm, magnetic demeanour and remarkable teaching style, Yashpalji has conducted various workshops, seminars and retreats on integrating Yoga with other therapies like Marma therapy, Naturopathy, etc. since over three years. Having also studied Yoga, Psychology and Management from Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar for 2 years, he has a lot of experience in dealing with various organisations and academies as a counselor and Yoga teacher. He now teaches Yoga Philosophy at our school, helping students achieve their goals.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Mandeep ji

Mantra Chanting, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation

Mandeepji came to Rishikesh in 2002 and wrapped himself in the practise of Yoga by the banks of the holy river Ganga for years. Having completed his early education from the renowned Parmarth Niketan Ashram, he has been expounding his knowledge of Mantra Chanting, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation unto other seekers for more than 10 years now. Besides this, he is a learned astrologer and has been practising the same for more than 9 years. Not stopping there, Mandeepji also possesses a deep interest in music and is also a sound healing expert. Indeed a maestro in his field, Mandeepji, with a staggering 18 years of experience in Yoga practice, goes above and beyond to motivate his students to explore and realize their full potential!

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yogacharya Jitender ji

Ashtanga vinyasa

A distinguished and time-honoured individual, Jitu ji embodies traditionalism. He completed his Bachelor's in Sanskrit from Parmarth Niketan Ashram here in Rishikesh itself and went on to pursue his Master's in Yoga from the prestigious Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He has spent over 10 years of his life in various ashrams like Bhagirathi Dham Ashram and Anand Dham Ashram. While he teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa at our school, his classical method of teaching brings students in, leaving them with a sense of gratitude and fulfilment.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Ella Amato

Yin , Meditation

Ella is an ex marketing manager who has always been very curios about the human mind and the holistic approaches, which led her to study Neuro Linguistic Programming and Aromatherapy. Her journey into yoga begun in a period were she was experiencing a deep depression and she couldn't find a purpose to live. Moved by an inner call, she decided to go to India and enroll in a yoga course and that's when her life had a turn point. After short, she healed completely from depression, and inspired by the incredible change yoga brought into her life she decided to continue to deepen her studies by taking teacher training courses, retreats and workshop specializing herself in Yin Yoga, meditation techniques (especially Buddhist, Osho, yoga nidra), Pranayama, and Reiki. For her Yin Yoga practice she takes inspiration from Sarah Powers, with whom she did a course in London; and Paul Grilley. Her classes are focused to release the blockages from the body, both mental and physical. In her cueing, you can find many anatomical as psychological and spiritual aspects. She always puts great emphasis on breathing techniques during the class and meditation, both before and after the practice. Since her passion for music and naturopathy, she also likes to add mantra chanting, sound healing and aromatherapy in her classes. Her favourite motto is "Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end."


No longer just a Yoga school, today Rishikesh Yogkulam has evolved into a global community of seasoned, passionate and enthusiastic Yoga teachers. It is the love and support of these beautiful people that helps us come together as a family. Here is what they have to say

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