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D is hands down the best Yoga teacher I have encountered in Rishikesh - and this city is oozing yoga teachers. You can feel that he teaches with the same passion and discipline that he shows toward his own practice. He knows how to safely guide you to postures you never thought possible, but also knows when to encourage you to stop and breath, practice acceptance and patience, focus within and not allow your ego to get the better of you. For me D doesn’t just reflect the yoga and guidance that I seek for my self-practice but the teacher that I yearn to become.

Anna Petersen---South Africa

I completed 500 h course with him. And it was the best experience. I saw my body became really strong and my mind became calm. When I learned yoga from normal yoga studio, it was really difficult to understand correct alignment and I always wonder I am doing correct or not. Now I have no wonders like that since I learned what is correct from him. I love Dhi ji's ashtanga tempo as well. It is perfect moving meditation with a lot of sweat! Even though ashtanga is always challenging, students were able to manage to be focused on what we were doing influenced by his focused mind. I wish I can study yoga with him again.

Minney Park, South Korea

The Awesome Dhi was my Hatha guruji during the 300hr YTT at WPYS in Rishikesh. What sets him apart from other teachers is his maturity, sincerity, and authenticity. He practices what he teaches and walks the talk. His passion for yoga and teaching is genuine and palpable. He’s so much younger, but I look up to him and respect him as a person. He inspired me to do the sirsasana which I’d have never attempted to do. He’s not for wimps or the faint-hearted, but for the serious student. Thank you Dhi-ji for showing what a true yogi is. You’ve taught me more than just Asanas, but also to be more strong and flexible both on & off the mat. Miss & love you very much! Xoxo

Hannah Y Kim, California

I started my TTC training for Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga with Dhirendraji for 200 hours followed by 300 hours. Initially, I found him too stern with his instructions and did not like the way he used to ask me to get into poses in front of the whole class which I was uncomfortable. In spite of knowing that I would refuse to get into a pose, he would everyday ask me to try. That one day happened everyday and I did not realise my capacity and capability until the day Dhirendraji motivated me. He motivated me in such a way that even I did not realise that I had started to push myself unknowingly. Dhirendraji made me realise my potential. I can never ever appreciate him enough for the efforts that he has put in me. Truly, a great motivator, true sports person, one who says it on your face whether you like it or not, a great GURUJI who has inspired so many students, a great yoga teacher anyone could have. I am very blessed to have my first ever yoga training with Dhirendraji.

Hetal Parmar, United kingdom

I was blessed to have Dheru as a yoga teach for my 200 hour certification in September 2017 in rishikesh. There were several teachers, and Dheru’s class and teaching style were exceptional. The class was challenging, and transformational. Dheru holds his students to a very high standard. Which in turn, for me has helped me develop. The most important .... SELF PRACTICE. Dherus personality and wit makes the class and students engaged. Highly recommend!

Katie McLaughlin, California

Ashtanga with Dheru in Rishikesh was one of my highlights in my yoga practice so far in my life. I trained in Ashtanga in the west and gave up as I lost interest, but training with Dheru inspired me to go back to Ashtanga. This is the real Ashtanga training! Dheru is kind and understanding, pushes you to do the "impossible" and will sure make you sweat but smile at the same time! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, Hare Om.

Luca Hadassah, Malta

Adjectives that immediately come to mind when I think back to my classes with Amit ,professional, competent, knowledgeable, quick with his mind, open for questions, suggestions & doubts, approachable, helpful, supportive, passionate, compassionate, gentle, strong, confident, down to earth, hands-on, humourous, cheerful, heart lifting, inspiring, motivating and able to give perfect feedback.He's focused on the detail in every posture, from the small joint movements to advanced Vinyasa transitions. My own practice changed immensely, because of him. He made me a more aware, careful and focused yogi and I can't thank him enough. There is so much fun & joy in his classes. You can feel that his whole heart is in every word he says, in every gesture and move he makes.Thank you for being you Amit!

Julia polt, Austria

I took a 200hr yoga teacher training and had Amit for 2 courses (hatha-for 1 1/2 hours everyday) and (adjustment and alignment- for 1 hour everyday). I have gained so much strength and flexibility and also a much better and deeper understanding of postures because of Amit. In the adjustment and alignment course he will take an entire class to walk you through one posture explaining the correct alignment, benefits, precautions, modifications, and more. He is easy and clear to understand and is able to answer all questions. 10/10 teacher. Thanks Amit for a great month of yoga

Kaitlyn Majek, USA

Amit is such a great teacher, precise and fun at the same time... He is basically the best yoga teacher I have known in person; his teaching is involved, informative, and motivating. He tells you what you need to know while doing the pose; what to focus on, where you should feel the pose, and what to watch to avoid injury. And the cherry on top is his cute "arereeee" whenever someone does something not quite right. Soooo missing those Hatha classes... Thank you for your teachings Amit , Namaste

Iris VJ, Bolivia

Don't let Amit's youth fool you - he has knowledge beyond his years!!! Amit is able to thoroughly execute and explain the correct way to enter and exit Asanas, whilst demonstrating modifications to suit all needs. His patience, assertiveness and good humour make for the best teacher - his classes are always so fun and informative with constant motivation, my only wish is that they would go for longer! Amit understands and can read your body so well he knows exactly how much further to push you to reach limits you didn't know were possible whilst preventing any injury from happening. I dearly wish i was still in Rishikesh so i could continue taking his classes! Thank you for all that you have taught me and for helping bring balance into my life!!!!!

Georgia Kerr, USA

What a wonderfulp experience of 200hr yoga teacher training. Amit teached us hatha and alignment. He knows so much about his classes and passionated. Al the knowledge that he can transfer in a peaceful way = amazing ! he take care for us as a teacher with every injury i had a slip disk and he gaves me so much alternatives. really proffesional. choice, chance, change he gave us all the opportunity's. Thanks for everything

Celina Verhulst, Belgium

Amit is simply the BEST yoga teacher I had since I've practicing yoga in the past 10 years. Thorough, he leads his classes with exactness, explaining in details how to enter and exit the asanas properly avoiding injuries. Very respectful, he helps you "day by day" (his favorite expression!) to reach the best of you. You will get better and better after every class because he pushes you to go beyond your limits when he knows you can. Add to that, he knows how to make you smile and have a pleasant class while you work hard! Professional, challenging you in a safe practice, rigorous = this is what I call a great teacher.

Lza Joly, France