Yoga Statistics: How Many People Practice Yoga Worldwide 2024?

Yoga Statistics: How Many People Practice Yoga Worldwide 2024?

The practice of yoga started around 3000 BCE near indus valley civilization in south was first introduced in the united states in 1863 but only became popular in the 1930s as it slowly became a part of american mainstream culture. Today many people practice yoga as a physical and mental exercise to help them with stress and anxiety.

In this article we will share the yoga statistics, fact demographics and infographics in a wide variety of areas , from market statistics and forecasts to demographics for those who are interested in practicing yoga or want to know more about their benefits. If you are an aspiring yoga teacher or business owner you can gain insights into the yoga industry, to know the yoga business better or to help you to make decisions.

Who practices yoga?

Yoga practitioners are predominantly females, however the number of men who enjoy yoga practice is growing every year from 4 million in 2012 to 14 million in 2022. Yoga Statistics

The data from Statista's Global Consumer Survey highlights that yoga, despite its universal health benefits, is predominantly practiced by women across various countries. In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain, the ratio of women to men practicing yoga or engaging in similar physical activities is approximately 30% to 10%. South Korea presents the most significant gender disparity, with a striking 43% of women participating in yoga, showcasing a pronounced preference among females. Conversely, India, the birthplace of yoga, shows a relatively higher participation rate among men compared to other regions, with 22% of male respondents who engage in sports reporting that they practice yoga, against 31% of women.

These figures reflect a global trend where yoga is more favored by women, but the data also points to a noteworthy participation by men in India, highlighting cultural influences on the practice. 

Yoga Statistics

The increasing popularity of yoga in the U.S. is evident from the Yoga in America study of 2016, which observed a significant rise in yoga practitioners from 17.8% in 2012 to 28% in 2016. The economic impact of this growing trend is substantial, with the yoga industry's value reaching $37.46 billion globally in 2019 and projected to escalate to $66.23 billion by 2027, as per Zippia. This data underscores yoga's expanding appeal and its substantial contribution to the wellness and fitness industry worldwide.

The global yoga industry is a major force in the wellness and fitness sector, with a valuation  over $88 billion. This figure is expected to grow even more to $215 billion by 2025, around the world there are more than  300 million individuals practicing yoga. The period from 2010 to 2021 saw a remarkable surge in yoga's popularity, with an increase of 63.8%, showcasing that more and more people are getting interested in it.

The growth is not just in the number of practitioners but also in the emocomic footprint of yoga, on an average individuals invest between 500$ to 1000$ each year on yoga related products and classes

Yoga Statistics in the US

From 2010 to 2021 the number of Americans who did yoga at least once a year increased by 64%, growing from 21 million to 35 million people. This shows the popularity of yoga is increasing in the US, which suggests that the yoga industry has a potential for growth and expansion. In 2015, 26 million people in the US were practicing yoga and it was expected that by 2020 this number would reach 55 million. 

Age and Demographics Statistics in the US

Yoga is popular among various age groups in the US,about 19% of people who practice yoga are between 18-29 years old, 43 % people make up the biggest group is aged from 30-49. The number of practitioners over 50 has also increased up 38% in the US.this shows that yoga is something almost anyone can do, no matter their age, and its useful for people at different points in their lives.

Age Bracket

% of yoga practitioners

Below 18 years of age


18 to 29 years of age


30 to 39 years of age


40 years and above


It has also been found that about 7% of total practitioners are above the age of 65 years.

Yoga Statistics in the US

How many people practice yoga in the US?

  • The number of people who practice yoga has significantly increased by 64% in the last 12 years.

  • Statista reported that the number of yoga practitioners increased from 21 million in 2010 to 34.4 million in 2021.

  • Facts about yoga’s popularity show that 15% of Americans have practiced yoga in the last 6 months.

  • By 2017 yoga was recognized as the most popular complementary health practice among us adults.

  • Recent meditation statistics shows that meditation has also gained popularity and become another go-to complementary health practice among Americans.

Frequency of Yoga Practice in America

Frequency of Yoga Practice

% of Practitioners

5 or more times per week


2 to 4 times per week


Once per week


5-10 times per month


Once per month


5-10 times per year


Not applicable


Yoga Statistics in America

Experience of yoga practitioners in America


% of yoga practitioners

0 to 1 year


1 to 5 years


6 to 10 years


10 years and more



Yoga Statistics

64% of yogis consider themselves “beginners” or “brand new” to yoga.

An additional 22% identify themselves as intermediate yoga practitioners, and 12% identify themselves as advanced.

New Yoga Research Studies

According to psychology today based upon yoga interventions yoga is being recognized as a potential alternative for the treatment of mood disorders. This article author susan trachman M.D is an associate professor at the george washington university and a board certified psychiatrist in adult and forensic psychiatry.

Dr. Trachman points to multiple studies indicating yoga’s therapeutic benefits for conditions like traumatic stress disorder and gastrointestinal issues  and a few other ailments.

According to a new Harvard study: hot yoga may help ease depression. A study by Harvard medical school was published in the journal of  clinical psychiatry on 23th October 2023. The study involved 65 adults with depression who were either assigned to participate in hot yoga sessions twice a week or placed on a waiting list. After 8 weeks those in the group of yoga showed a significant reduction in depression symptoms, with approximately 60% experiencing a 50% or more decrease, compared to only 6% in the wait-list group.

The study highlights the promise of hot yoga as either a primary or complementary treatment for depression, although individuals with certain health conditions should proceed with caution.The key takeaway from this research is that practicing hot yoga twice a week for 90 minutes each session could potentially ease symptoms of depression.

Yoga has become one of the fastest-growing wellness industries over the last ten years.

  • Approximately 300 million people practice yoga regularly worldwide.

  • Approximately 36 million Americans practice yoga regularly.

  • In the past 5 years alone, yoga practitioners in the U.S have increased by over 50%.

  • Between 2012 and 2016 the number of men practicing yoga went from 4 million to 10 million marking a 150% increase.

  • 34% of people in the US are likely to give yoga a try  for the first time in the upcoming year.

  • Currently, 1 in 3 Americans(30%), have at least tried yoga.

  • Yoga is one of the top 10 fitness trends in the world according to 2019 statistics lists.

  • The number of U.S yoga practitioners will grow to over 55 million by 2020.

Statistics on effects of yoga on emotional well being:

In a survey conducted on regular yoga practitioners reported the following effects of yoga on emotional well being.

  • 86% report a reduction in stress.

  • 69% report an improvement in their overall mood and temperament.

  • 63% report yoga mentally motivates them to exercise more.

  • 59% report an improvement in sleep quality and quantity.

  • 86% report an overall improved sense of mental wellness and clarity.

  • 28% report a noticeable reduction of depression symptoms.

  • 79% report a feeling of closeness with their community and wanting to give back.

Physical Benefits of yoga and its Statistics:

Yoga offers innumerable physical benefits , supported by various studies and statistics. Here we prove to you  the statistics of the physical benefits of yoga.

Physical Benefit

% of yoga practitioners experiencing it

Physical strength and endurance


Improve drinking or smoking habit


Reduced inflammation


Reduced heart problems


Relieve back pain


Increase mobility and reduce stiffness


Yoga Statistics

Yoga statistics for specific physical conditions or diseases:

Yoga study has shown benefits to physical conditions as well as ease the symptoms of chronic and internal disease.

  • 77% report being physically stronger.

  • 82% of patients surveyed with chronic inflammation reduced inflammation by nearly 50% after just 6 weeks daily yoga.

  • 47% of patients surveyed with progressive heart disease stopped further progression completely after one year of regular yoga practice.

  • 37% of people who drank excessively and/or smoked cigarettes credit yoga with encouraging them to stop.

  • According to a 2018 study in the UK 74% of adults with arthritis used regular yoga practice to significantly reduce pain and stiffness, and improve their mobility.

  • 12 months of regular yoga practice can decrease total cholesterol by 23% and 26% of the LDL “bad” cholesterol.

  • More than 80% of yoga practitioners who previously experienced lower back pain noted a significant relief in their symptoms.

Statistics on Yoga related Injuries:How common are yoga injuries?

  • Research published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies has found that about 10% of individuals experience pain following a yoga session.

  • Studies suggest that the injury rate from practicing yoga is similar to that of other sports. This is evidenced by a study from the Faculty of Health Science at Sydney University in 2017, which followed 354 individuals with musculoskeletal pain who had previously attended yoga classes. In this study, 21% of participants reported that yoga exacerbated their pain, and over 10% felt that yoga was the direct cause of their pain.

  • Data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System indicates that the injury rate for yoga practitioners has been rising. In 2001, there were 9.5 injuries per 100,000 participants, a number that increased to 17 per 100,000 participants. This rate is comparable to injuries seen in sports like weight-training and golf. The increase in injuries is partially attributed to the rise of unqualified instructors leading classes for beginners.

  • Despite the increase in injury rates, yoga remains statistically safer than many high-impact sports. For instance, the injury rate for basketball is significantly higher, with 149 injuries per 100,000 participants.

  • The majority of yoga-related injuries involve the lower body, particularly the hips, knees, ankles, or feet.

Yoga Practitioners by Country

Though yoga originated in India,  its practice has spread globally, becoming popular in many countries. Here's a look at how yoga has been embraced around the world, with some statistics for reference:

Country Name

Approximate Number of Yoga Practitioners


7.6 Million


150 Million


1.5 Million

United States

35 Million

United Kingdom

0.50 Million

Yoga Statistics by Country

Yoga Industry and its Stats:

Even though yoga is a simple practice but still continues to make profits and is a rapidly growing industry.

  • In 2018 yoga enthusiast collective spent close to 18 billion dollars annually on classes, clothes, and other items which is about $ 63,000 per person.

  • There are currently 6,000 operating yoga studios in the U.S.

  • As of 2018, there are 18,000 yoga instructor schools in the United States.

  • There were over 52,000 registered yoga instructors in 2017.

  • The revenue made from the yoga industry in the US is expected to increase to 12 billion dollars  by 2020 

  • The global yoga market is expected to grow to 80 billion dollars

  • Lululemon, a popular yoga apparel retailer has grown 18% in just one year, grossing 929 million.

  • In the United States 24% of yoga practitioners do yoga at home with the help of a digital yoga guide. 

Yoga Statistics in Asia


  • 10 million people practice yoga regularly in china

  • 10% of Chinese millionaires favor yoga as an activity, this makes it the 4th most popular sport among millionaires in china.

  • The number of yoga studios tripled from 2017 to 2021, and more people practice yoga occasionally.


  • A 2017 survey found that 7.7 million people practice yoga, and the number could double in three years.

  • In the last five years, Japan saw more than 400% increase in yoga practitioners.

Yoga Statistics in Europe and the UK

  • A study highlighted some yoga statistics that explain why people in the UK practice yoga. 39% people practice yoga for overall wellness. 19% said they practice yoga to improve their general fitness, 8.5% practice to improve their flexibility. Interestingly 9.5% of people started practicing yoga to help with a specific physical condition. 6% said they started practicing yoga to improve their mental health.

  • The yoga and Pilates industry in the UK is valued at £926 million. The UK has 4,930 businesses related to yoga and Pilates and employs 16,445 people. 

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, France experienced a huge spike in yoga influencer accounts. In March 2020, yoga influencer accounts increased by 230%, second to gym influencers, which increased by 266%.

  • The pilates and yoga industry in the U.K. grew by 25.1% in 2022. The industry is now worth £926 million in the U.K.

  • Globally, there's been a rise in Instagram influencers focusing on yoga. In Spain, their numbers increased by 221%, while Italy experienced a 110% growth. Other nations have also seen growth; for instance, Australia witnessed a 127% rise in yoga Instagram influencers. Although not all countries have seen such significant increases, the trend is still upward. For example, Germany had a 58% increase, and the U.S. saw a 50% growth.

Yoga Statistics in Australia

  • In July 2012 a study published in the International Journal of Yoga suggests that between 1.7% and 2.9% of the Australian adult population practices yoga.

  • 71.9% of survey respondents started yoga to increase their health and fitness.

  • 86.5% continued their practice to increase flexibility and muscle tone.

  • 61% of yoga sessions in Australia are either Vinyasa yoga or Yin-style yoga (more on that below).

  • 39% of yoga workouts in Australia are gentler sequences involving breathing techniques and meditation.

  • The value of the yoga studio market in Australia was estimated at $608 million in 2022.

  • A survey revealed that Australians rate gentle or restorative yoga as the most preferred form of mindful movement.

  • In surveying people who participate in group exercise activities, 10% attend gentle or restorative yoga classes.

Popularity of Yoga in the world (Top 20 Countries)

In the eastern and western regions of the world, there are countries where people actively participate in daily yoga sessions. In nations like India where yoga is practiced as a holistic discipline encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Meanwhile, in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, yoga is primarily perceived as a physical practice aimed at alleviating pain and stress.

Here are the top 20 countries that are popular amongst yoga enthusiasts as yoga destinations in the world:

1.   India 2.   Canada 3.   Brazil 4.   Vietnam 5.   Singapore
6.   Switzerland 7.   Ireland 8.   Australia 9.   Netherlands 10.  Austria
11.  Sweden 12.  New Zealand 13. US 14.  Norway 15.  Germany
16.  UAE 17.  Denmark 18. UK 19.  Spain 20.  Italy

Yoga Trends and New Age Activities:

Here are the latest yoga trends you need to look out for:

Yoga Nidra Morning Yoga Pregnancy Yoga
Aerial yoga Yoga Theray Yin Yoga
Chair Yoga Somatic Yoga Hot Yoga

Location Where People Practice Yoga


Percentage Who Do Yoga There





Yoga studio




Yoga or wellness festival


Special event at a unique venue


The Online Yoga Industry and its Stats.

  • The most popular opinion in a 2020 survey of attitudes towards online yoga in Japan was that it allowed for more care-free participation than going to the facility (endorsed by 40.8% of respondents).

  • It suggests that online yoga courses are becoming increasingly popular and that people are comfortable with the idea of participating in yoga from home.

Where is yoga most popular?

  • Canada is the country where yoga is the most popular.

  • While it can be difficult to monitor yoga popularity by country, Google Trend data shows which countries Google ‘yoga’ and associated terms the most, which gives a good indication of popularity.

Top ten countries who googled about yoga

1.   Canada 2.   Singapore 3.   Australia 4.   Ireland
5.   United States 6.   India 7.   New Zealand 8.   Switzerland
9.   Hong Kong 10.  Austria

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