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Ayurveda Workshop

A practical guide to Ayurveda

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Ayurveda Workshop

Ayurvedic medicine evolved in India about 5000 years ago, and is considered to be the world's oldest healthcare system. It is named for the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, meaning the "science of life."

Ayurvedic medicine is based upon an entirely holistic approach. Its aim is to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit preventing illnesses to happen, treats from mild to acute conditions working to find the root cause of the problem in order to weed it out, and contributes to a long and healthy life. Ayurveda views each person as unique with individual physiologies, and emotional background. For this reason, each person's path toward optimal health is also unique.

In this 2 days online workshop we will cover the fundamentals of Ayurveda. The first day of the workshop is all about creating a general awareness program about Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Workshop

It will be a session where we will teach you the basic principles, history, practical aspects of Ayurveda. The class will cover the sankhya philosophy, the 5 elements and the chakras, the tridosha theory of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

In the second day we will teach you how to identify a Vata, Pitta, Kapha person, we will discuss the 5 elements in relationship to the body, the 6 tastes and the food. Knowledge of these elements and doshas will help you live a longer and healthier life.

Learn what is best for your constitution type!

Bring balance to your health, wellbeing, and life by participating in our 2 days Ayurveda programme.

Curriculum of the workshop:

Day 1

  • what is Ayurveda
  • Intro - sankhya philosophy
  • 5 elements theory and the chakras
  • Vata, pitta and kapha (tridosha theory)

Day 2

  • Identifying a vata/pitta/kapha person
  • The 5 elements in the body
  • The 5 elements and the 6 tastes
  • The 5 elements and foods

Duration of the workshop:

  • 2 days
  • Total hours: 5 hr zoom live session
  • 5 hr Yoga Alliance Education program (YACEP) credits


  • 30 Jan 2021 to 31 Jan 2021 :: $49 (05 hr YACEP CERTIFICATION) Open

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