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Viloma Pranayama and Its Benefits

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a type and form of yoga and yogic practice that is related to the controlling and elevation of breath. Pranayama can be divided into Prana which means “the vital life force” and Yama which means “to gain control”. Thus Pranayama is nothing but the art of controlling one’s breath.

Pranayama has its origins in ancient India and can be traced back to around the 6th and 5th centuries BCE. This form of yogic art is so ancient that it has been mentioned in one of the most Hindu texts like the Bhagavad Gita. Thus the pranayama is related to the elevation and improvement of prana which is life’s energies.

What is Viloma Pranayama?

The Viloma form of Pranayama is a form of pranayama that is related to a series of breathing exercises that can be practiced by anyone. Viloma means “against the wave” or interrupted breathing. This means that this type of pranayama yoga is related to interrupted breathing or exercise that goes against the regular flow of breathing.

The Viloma word can be divided into two words Vi which means “against” and Loma which means “hair”. This form of pranayama yoga aims at the expansion of the breath and overall lung capacity of the practitioner. Now you can experience the goodness of Viloma Pranayama at the Yoga school in Rishikesh.

Benefits of Viloma Pranayama

The Viloma Pranayama has been practiced over the ages and has tremendous health benefits. With the use of the Viloma Pranayama, you can not only regulate your breathing but also use it to heal your body and mind. In this article, we will be talking about the various benefits of Viloma Pranayama yoga.

  • Improves the Respiratory System:

The respiratory system is one of the most important functions of the body. The main function of the respiratory system is to regulate air and to ensure that the body receives the required amount of oxygen for functioning.

Various studies have shown that the Viloma Pranayama increases the endurance of the lungs over time. It increases the breath regulation of the respiratory system and enhances the respiratory organs. This in turn improves the functioning and overall health of the respiratory system tremendously.

  • Increases the functioning of the Brain:

The brain is a necessity and needs proper functioning for an elevated lifestyle. Trials have shown that the Viloma Pranayama relieves the brain and improves cognition. Practicing this yoga asana regularly relieves the sinus, benefits neurocognitive and psychophysiological functions, and increases overall brain health.

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  • Reduces stress and anxiety problems:

Stress and anxiety are common problems these days. This is because of regular work and life pressure which is elevated through increased pollution. Stress and anxiety can cause various problems and needs work.

Practicing the Viloma Pranayama regularly helps to regulate breath which in turn reduces pressures on the senses. This in turn relieves the body of impending negative thoughts. With the improvement of these functions, the stress and anxiety-causing systems can be reduced and positive thoughts can be induced.

  • Improves the Cardiovascular System:

The Cardiovascular system is responsible for pumping blood to the body and ensuring proper heart rate. A proper Cardiovascular System helps to keep a healthy heart and regulate blood pressure.

Studies have shown that regulated breathing regularly has positive impacts on the cardiovascular system and the heart. It helps to regulate impending blockages and regulate the proper flow of blood throughout the body.

  • Works on the health of the eye and vision:

One of the major benefits of the Viloma form of Pranayama is its positive effects on the eyes and the vision of the individual. This is because the viloma pranayama increases the flow of oxygen in the eyes. This in turn increases the light regulation in the eye and helps the eyes to form proper images.

Thus the viloma pranayama helps with one’s vision by increasing the overall health of the eyes. People performing this type of yoga are known to have a long-lasting vision and proper working eyesight. With the regular practice of viloma pranayama, you can ensure the improved vision and decreased eye problems.

  • Helps to cool down body temperature:

Having a proper body temperature is important to maintain positive bodily functions. The body function is often dependent on various factors like the oxygen and blood flow in the body, positive thought flow, and the amount of stress in the body. Therefore, having a regulated body temperature might be a complicated and long process.

The viloma pranayama is related to backward breathing practices and breathing against the flow. This in turn relieves stress and ensures proper air and water flow in the body. As a result of which the body temperature of the body can be maintained.

Therefore, if you need to cool down your body temperature the Viloma Pranayama is one of the best procedures. This benefit of the pranayama type of yoga is therefore often performed after heavy exercise or yoga practices.

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